To cap off our week of Halloween microtransactions, we're introducing something a little different. This graphic black and white scare mask is the first helmet of its kind that fully rotates around your neck - guaranteed to spook your pals! Check out the video or get yours in store.

The Scare Mask Helmet will be in the store until 5pm November 6th (NZT) as it's part of our Halloween exclusive line up. Just like the Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes, Spider Back Attachment and Spider Web Cloak, it's only available during the Halloween season!

The Scare Mask Helmet is sure to produce screams if you wear it alongside the Pitch Black Armour Set, Tentacle Wings and Ultimate Chaos Character Effect.

Thank you so much for your support! Happy Halloween!

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Creative! I like it. Kudos to the designer(s) responsible.

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