Please End Wisdom Scrolls @ 90


Aug 17, 2019, 6:41:46 AM

This has always really bugged me and I'm sure this has been suggested before but can we please find a way to get rid of needing Wisdom scrolls after a certain level? Like, at 90 we could have one of these occur:

* - Every vendor will ID items automatically, or
* - You get a character bound Gold Plated wisdom scroll that has infinite uses, or
* - You get a ring/amulet/talisman/earring of ID'ing that you can use to ID items.

Basically, by the time I hit level 90 (well, level 10 if I'm honest) I'm really tired of using Wisdom scrolls, buying them, running out of them, etc. At some point we should have enough "adventuring" and "identifying" experience that we can ID items without needing the scrolls. I think 90 is fair. Small QoL but the whole scroll thing is so passe and antiquated it would be great to have an alternative.

I mean, I would actually rather just get rid of unID'd items period. But that won't happen so this seems like a player friendly way to give us a QoL improvement that won't break the economy.


Aug 17, 2019, 7:01:39 AM

Phaeded wrote:
* - You get a character bound Gold Plated wisdom scroll that has infinite uses



Aug 17, 2019, 7:06:54 AM

we should get a recipe that grants a GREATER WISDOM SCROLL, by selling an entire tab of scrolls

it should have either infinite uses of Wisdom scrolls or just the ammount you sold


Aug 17, 2019, 7:12:08 AM

Both Wisdom Scrolls and Portal Scrolls are just a waste of time and space. Would be better if they are gone, they are so plenty in the game and the viable usages of those so little that they lost their purpose over time sadly.

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